I, the “I Pupi” chef

    Since when I was a child, they struggled to keep me far from cooking, they extremely amazed of this attitude of mine. Moreover, during the festivity, the desire to prepare a lot of sauces and delicious dishes grew.

    This vocation calling strengthened along the time, becoming lastly a job, feed by an infinite passion and by new incitements, also from Laura – today my wife – who comes from a famous family of roasters and pastry chefs in Bagheria. Then, the experiences at “Don Gino” patisserie, the opening of “Cozzo dei Ciali”, former a restaurant then a high profile catering place, arrived with a lot of approvals and gratifications.

    Finally, in 2009, after a great and hard training and several visits to Italian important chefs, “I pupi” was born, our cosy and designed restaurant. For Laura, the smiling pillar of the restaurant, and me it has been the realisation of a dream: to cook in our pleasant and beautiful surrounding, for the pleasure of our friend-guests.

    This is the best for us that are so enthusiastic of life.

    Tony Lo Coco

    Lunedì, mercoledì e giovedì aperti solo a cena | Venerdì e sabato aperti a pranzo e a cena | Domenica aperti solo pranzo | Martedì giorno di chiusura
    Monday, Wednesday and Thursday open only for dinner | Friday and Saturday open for lunch and dinner | Sunday open only for lunch | Closed on Tuesday

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