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    About my way of cousine

    It is never simple to define a way of cooking, our own way of cooking. Because it is the resulting of a story and of a lot of stories, weaving themselves in the past and in the present.

    It is family memory, the grandmothers flavourful courses, the deliciousness prepared by mother and loving aunts; it is the settling of past experiences, of travel memories, of fascinations even if of falling in loves. It comes from my youth memories, in Palermo, city of a popular and aristocratic gastronomic culture, from new experiences, in Bagheria, cradle of rich maritime and rural culinary traditions. Everything, then, has been filtered by my personal sensibility, by life emotions, by new knowledge, even daily, of people and things.

    Well, perhaps, if I should define my way of cooking, I’d say, simply, it is the way of cooking of Tony Lo Coco: open, enthusiastic, careful, well-finished. It is a way of cooking with only an ambition: to offer moments of wellness and happiness.

    Tony Lo Coco