Territory and raw materials

    To talk about territory, about territories, it is something of hard and serious, it is not words in the wind. It involves the knowing and the dialogues with all the protagonists of this reality, dairy farmers, greengrocers, butchers, fishermen, farmers, breeders and all the people that work hard to provide the best raw materials.

    We desire to share the boldness and the pride of the well-done things, always done with love, together with everyone that does things with our same passion. We have to look each other in the mirror, in the eyes, to share the emotion arousing from a great cheese, a darting fish, a perfectly hanged meat, a marvellous tomato, broad been and peas with scented perfume, particular gold wheat.

    Because, only from these sharing and common aims, these exchange of respect and friendship, a beautiful, wholesome and authentic regional cuisine can arise. This is the cuisine that we propose, with love and humility, at “I Pupi”. All these, neither simple short cut, nor empty words, unable to give beauty and happiness.

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